Scary article from Fortune magazine  FEB 17 2000

Scary article from Fortune magazine about Abercrombie & Fitch. Some lowlights:

   "The beautiful people don't do much...greeters get minimum wage to have fun -- to listen to Smash Mouth, to be carefree and breezy, to radiate charm. Why? Cool, great-looking guys attract cool, great-looking girls, who attract..."

   "During peak selling periods like Christmas, other workers--less cool and less good-looking--come in after hours to do the grunt work of counting inventory, restacking tables, and unpacking boxes, lest these mundane chores get in the way of the beautiful people radiating a good time. 'They're not here to fold clothes or to make money,' says director of stores David Leino about his hip helpers. 'It's a status thing. They can say, "I work at Abercrombie."'"

And people wonder why Columbine happened.

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